• Under the stimulating of wall art wall material painting, the entire paint industry will fully enter the era of upgrading and new patterns There will be a new round of leaders in the paint industry This year, major domestic enterprises and paint
  • Paint Lao Lei recently arrived in Los Angeles, a city of angels known as the city of angels With a professional perspective of the painting industry, he visited many luxury boutique hotels in the Los Angeles area and learned about the decorative wall
  • Daesung Colorwing Coating provides the following series of products: Italian and American original imported artistic finishing products, Venetian mud products, water-based silk metallic paint, Dazheng Wing high-end water-based wall paint, exterior
  • Ten thousand words can t resist the gorgeous visual brought by the wall decoration Dazheng Color Wing Finishing Training Base promotes the standardization of artistic finishing: These stylish wall effects should not only be hidden deep in our painting