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A thousand words and beautiful enemies of the wall decoration
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Ten thousand words can't resist the gorgeous visual brought by the wall decoration.
Dazheng Color Wing Finishing Training Base promotes the standardization of artistic finishing:
These stylish wall effects should not only be hidden deep in our painting and training bases, but should not be hidden deep in our factories.
Here is the secret to the transformation of wall materials, crafts and colors.
In the past few years, we have analyzed and classified the inspirations of the colors and nature in the western painting arts. We have carved out the fine arts and crafts; the evolution of craftsmanship to the pursuit of fashion; and the evolution from standardization. Become a trend of popular elements; from the home to the visual space to awaken people's artistic inspiration for home decoration sleep...
Makeup you become a wall makeup master:
Taisho Color Wings has meticulously researched and developed the latest popular effects of the 96 new models of home walls, and the domestic regions are listed simultaneously! The combination of tailor-made matching color effect system, full interpretation of different styles of decoration, in a different effect of the environment under the unique personality and trends, this is the charm of fashion painting.
Everyone is an artist. No matter what the environment, he always hopes to bring “beauty” to life. Art works are often seen as the barometer of the trend of the times, due to the professional sensitivity and ingenuity of the wall artists. For the home life, a show with decorative space is displayed. They are the magicians in the exhibition space. They use whitewashed rooms to recreate beautiful spaces with artistic finishes and take you into the home world.
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