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Italy's top artistic finishing "LAXETH PAINT" brand introduction
Salvatore Spinello, founder of LAXETH PAINT, was born in 1937. At this time, the end of World War II ended the recession. When he was young, Salvatore Spinello stepped away from his homeland to make a living. He first arrived in Germany and then went to Switzerland.....
The desire for freedom brought Mr. Spinello back to his love of Sicily. It was Sicily who gave him new inspiration and eventually founded Spiver in 1978. Good credit made this all a reality and passed on his love of work and passion to his three children: Joseppe, Gabriella, and Dario. When the company passed on to the next generation, they were able to reposition their company's core products according to their own ideas.
The dream begins on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, Sicily. A land immersed in golden sunlight is full of mysterious myths and great history. With the ambition to create the most complete artistic paint product line, and the desire for every family decoration to be full of emotions and unique desires, it finally created Arthe. LAXETH PAINT is a high-end art finishing brand launched by the Arthe family. The meaning of luxury.
Today's Arthe products have been sold in 45 countries. In order to enhance its visibility in the global market, LAXETH PAINT has been working closely with partners, architects and interior designers.
just now
Currently Spiver Coatings Manufacturing Co., Ltd. occupies an area of ​​15,000 square meters, of which the workshop area is 5000 square meters. In order to double production capacity and build a new and modern administrative logistics center, LAXETH PAINT has just completed its expansion, including a chemical laboratory for the development of new products, a refurbished office and conference room, a well-equipped training center, and Very creative exhibition hall.
l LAXETH PAINT's corporate vision is to become a global leader in the field of art coatings.