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The Beverly Hills Montage, Los Angeles, USA
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The Beverly Hills Montage, Los Angeles, USA
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Paint Lao Lei recently arrived in Los Angeles, a city of angels known as the city of angels. With a professional perspective of the paint industry, he visited several luxury boutique hotels in the Los Angeles area and learned about the decor of the walls of these hotels.
The Beverly Hills Montage Hotel's design was inspired by the Spanish colonial Renaissance style and the Mediterranean architectural prevalence system, interpreting the elegance and luxury of the nobility. At the same time, it inherited the classics and reaped a sense of intimacy and comfort. The exterior wall of the hotel uses a special water-based exterior top coat for exterior surface sandstone coatings and surface finishes. Every corner of the interior of the hotel is vibrant and infused with the latest popular finishing materials and soft furnishings. It maintains a balance between the value and quality of the decoration and flows in a stylish look.
The Beverly Hills Montage Hotel is located in the prime location of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. It is adjacent to Hollywood and brings together the world famous boutiques, restaurants and galleries on Rodeo Drive. Here is the dream home of Hollywood stars. The place where the dreams of the world’s richest people live is the place that is seen in movies many times. The Beverly Hills Montage Hotel is a four-season resort facing the sea.
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